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Clirio was formed to manage and grow Ada into its full potential as the premier application for holographic visualization of 3D engineering data.

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Changing the state of practice in engineering

The Ada Platform is brought to you by Clirio Technologies.

Ada can be delivered as browser-based software that allows you and your engineers to create your own holographic scenes and presentations as often as you require.

Alternately, Ada can be provided as a service, from field data collection, content creation and hosting the presentation, as required by your project needs.

We can also supply you with the best hardware for 3D holographic visualization and collaboration—the HoloLens 2 by Microsoft.

The ability to take data out of a monitor and put it into the middle of a room as a hologram, to be able to walk through it and talk to others, is a generational change in applied earth science practice. With this new venture the development will accelerate and better solutions for more projects globally will result.

Bill Burton, VP of Innovation, BGC Engineering

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