Working Software for Data Driven Processes

Ada enables the visualization of data from various sources into a 3D environment where it can be explored. Holographic models can be animated to show changes in the terrain and environment over time and be presented at true scales to immerse the user in a project from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, users can visualize and evaluate engineering designs in this 3D environment. Ada allows people to interact with and control the experience, facilitating a deeper understanding of 3D data and environments and their changes over time. The result is clearer communication with project stakeholders and more confident decision making for your projects.

Ada allows 3D holographic models to be viewed through the Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained wearable holographic computer. Complex projects are brought to life through a process that converts information and data, traditionally reported on maps and drawings, into a 3D experience. Ada combines geology, geo-civil and mining engineering data, terrain and survey data, engineering designs, and real-time computer graphics into a virtual environment. Technical experts and other stakeholders can interact in this virtual environment from any angle, at any point in time–past, present or future.

HoloLens has added value in the Risk Assessment process itself, where it informed the experts of the terrain and underlying spatial information.

Jaime Matteoli, Transportation Engineer, California Department of Transportation (CalTrans).

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